Realizing the Dream Winners

2016 Realizing the Dream Winners

Desert Dreams ButtonCongratulations to our 2016 Realizing the Dream Contest winners:

First Place
Alexis Lusonne Montgomery
“His Christmas Carol”

Second Place
L. A. Keller aka Leslie Keller
“Menu for Murder”

Third Place [3-way tie]
Adriana Allegri
“Simple Acts of Grace”
Avily Jerome
“Legends Unleashed”
Deena Remiel aka Debra Rosenblum
“Rapid Eye Movement”

2014 Realizing the Dream Winners

Desert Dreams 2014 logoCongratulations to our 2014 Realizing the Dream Contest winners:


**Winner** Tandem Run - Bill Butler
Guarded Hearts - Christine Ashworth
Flash of Fear - Asa Maria Bradley
Song of the Ocarina - Ann Videan
Evil's Unlikely Assassin - Jenn Windrow
Once a Doctor... - Suzanne Moore

2012 Realizing the Dream Winners

2012 Desert Dreams LogoCongratulations to our 2012 Realizing the Dream Contest winners:


Patricia Friedrich - Artful Women
Shanyn Hosier - Brimstone

2012 Realizing the Dream Finalists
** Winner**  Artful Women - Patricia Friedrich
** Winner**  Brimstone - Shanyn Hosier
Night Hush - Leslie Jones
A Family of Her Own - Libby Hougland Banks
The Water's Edge -Kerrie Droban **Received a Full Manuscript Request
2010 Realizing The Dream Winner & Finalists
** Winner** Where's My Underwear? - Lynn Crain
Plush Life - Jeanne Cook
Texas Wide Open - Susan Lyons
2008 Realizing The Dream Winner & Finalists
**Winner** What Are Friends For? - Judy Johns
**Second Place** Highland Magic - Alexis Walker
Finding His Way Home - Libby Banks
Barn Dance - Vicki Bendau
Bone of My Bones - Debra Doggett